Realistic NPC Crime Report | Civilian Snitching [ESX + QBCore + Standalone]

Realistic NPC Crime Report | Civilian Snitching [ESX + QBCore + Standalone] image

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This script is escrow obfuscated

No longer let your players commit heinous crimes in largely populated areas without repercussions with this nifty little script. If an NPC catches a player committing a crime and they’re feeling like doing a good deed, they might just pick up the phone and report it to the police. However, if you’re quick enough, you can scare them off and prevent them from making the report.

Built in support for:

KuzQuality | Smash 'n grab [ESX + QB]
Prime Developments | Brake Cutting | Vehicle Sabotage [ESX + QBCore + Standalone]
Prime Developments | Lock Picking Minigame | With Improved Car Lock System [ESX + QBCore]

Main features

  • Comes pre-configured for
    • ps-dispatch
    • core-dispatch
    • cd-dispatch
    • mw-dispatch
  • Comes with:
    • Breaking into vehicle event
    • Gun shot event
    • Fist fight event
    • Holding weapon/firearm event
  • Configurable:
    • Config Pastebin
    • Event making noise, peds turn around to see
    • Requires direct line of sight
    • Distance peds notice event
    • Chance per ped of calling the police
  • Interactive way for police to get reports from NPCs
  • Easy to setup to work with most other script events
  • Report spam prevention
  • Works with any framework
  • Works with any Police Dispatch System
  • Clean animations
  • Included player breaking into vehicle, player shooting events and player fighting event
  • Low performance impact (0.00 ms on idle)

This is an example of how an event is implemented in the config