Lock Picking Minigame | With Improved Car Lock System [ESX + QBCore]

Lock Picking Minigame | With Improved Car Lock System [ESX + QBCore] image

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The script is encrypted using FiveM Escrow


Main features

  • A never before seen original lockpicking minigame (easy to customize to fit your server)

  • Compatible with QBcore and ESX

  • Minigame difficulty scales with vehicle class and/or if the vehicle is owned by a player (more expensive vehicles / player owned vehicle = harder minigame)  

  • NPC will notify police if the car alarm goes off while lockpicking and have line of sight to the player

  • Reliable NPC car locking system (improved over the base QBCore and ESX systems) (choose to only lock parked cars, or all cars. Setup with percentage chance of cars being unlocked. Always locks unpickable classes). Won't relock after breaking in.

  • Option to allow players to enter a locked car if the door is left open

  • Easy locking / unlocking of personal vehicles

  • All emergency workers have the possibility of gaining control over the locks of emergency vehicles by trying the door which registers the vehicle to their keyfob.

  • Upon spawning of a job vehicle/ emergency vehicle, you can trigger a server event giving the player control over the vehicle lock

  • TriggerEvent to give spare key to players for specific vehicles (useful for job vehicles)

Everything included in this script is customizable and can be turned on or off. 

Lockpicking Minigame 

To unlock randomly spawning cars throughout the game (and possibly other players’ vehicles too) you can initiate a lockpicking minigame that scales in difficulty depending on the vehicle class.  The goal of the minigame is to apply the right amount of power to each pin so the pin marker lines up with the lock turnpoint. Putting too much or too little power on the lockpick might cause it to break, or set off the vehicle’s alarm. When all the pins have been set correctly, the vehicle will unlock. 

Locking of NPC vehicles

Randomly spawning vehicles and cars currently being driven by NPCs have a chance to be locked for the player. Configure the option to allow players to enter the vehicle if door is left open regardless of the lock status of the car. 

Easy Locking

With a handy keyfob, and a stroke of a key, you can lock/unlock from a set distance. It will beep either once or twice to signal the state of the lock. 

Spare Keys

Give friends easy access to your personal vehicles by adding your keys to their keyfob.

Whitelisted Vehicles

Never be locked out of your emergency vehicle again with a smart keyfob. As a whitelisted worker, attempt to enter an emergency vehicle and register the vehicle to your keyfob. Toggle the lock status of the closest vehicle with a stroke of a button.  



Lockpick any vehicle