Stealth Plate Flipper [ESX + QBCore + Standalone]

Stealth Plate Flipper [ESX + QBCore + Standalone] image

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Requires Onesync

Stealth Plate Flippers is the perfect solution for anyone looking to hide or cover their license plate. Users can easily conceal their plates to evade law enforcement or other unwanted attention, while still keeping the original plate data intact.

Mechanics can install a plate flipper frame on any vehicle, and police can check the plates to see if a plate flipper has been installed, and disable the car mod if deemed necessary .

One of the key advantages of the Stealth Plate Flipper script is its compatibility with any other Fivem scripts. Unlike other Plate Flipper scripts, this script does not remove any plate data, ensuring that it plays nicely with other mods and plugins. Included is an exported function that returns either the normal licence plate, or an empty string if the plate is flipped to the stealth plate. You can use this function in police radar and speed camera scripts to ensure maximum realism.

Config Pastebin

Main Features

  • Fully compatiblity with ANY other script
  • Included export for speed camera and police radar scripts
  • Customizable usekey
  • Full vehicle mod installation
  • Full removal procedure
  • ESX & QBCore items
  • No resource usage (resmon 0.00 ms)
  • Mod persistent between restarts