3D Multiplayer Chess | Board Game [ESX + QBCore + Standalone]

3D Multiplayer Chess | Board Game  [ESX + QBCore + Standalone] image

20.00 EUR

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Part of the Board Game Bundle

Fully synchronized multiplayer chess game. Spectatable by other players

Nothing nicer than a game of chess with your buddies.

Config Pastebin

Main Features

  • Custom models (chess pieces and board)
  • ESX & QBcore Item Compatibility
  • Optional QTarget, QBTarget  & ox_target Compatibility
  • Included Game Rules
    • En-passant
    • 50 move rule
    • Time control
    • Resign and Draw options
    • Insufficient material Game Over
    • Castling
    • (And ofcourse) Checkmate
  • Abuse Prevention
  • Optional Restricted Playzones
  • ELO rating
  • Low Performance Impact (0.0 ms on idle)

(Coming Soon) Multi cam