Mushroom Foraging | Casual Forest "Trip" [ESX + QBCore]

Mushroom Foraging | Casual Forest "Trip" [ESX + QBCore] image

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Go mushroom picking with your friends in the lushes forests of paleto bay. A very relaxing job for you and your pals to do together (or alone). Run into a red cap mushroom? Turn it into poison and the right buyer will pay you handsomely. Find a gleaming mushroom? Try eating it, you're bound to have a great time tripping with your buddies. Become more resilient and absorb gunfire like it's nothing. (make sure to wash them first)

Config Pastebin

Main features

  • 3 unique mushrooms¬†
    • Brown mushrooms
    • Red mushrooms
    • Gleaming mushrooms (glows in the dark)
  • 5 unique custom models
  • Trip effects when consuming gleaming mushroom
    • Screen effects
    • Distant giant mushroom spawning
    • (optional) gain extra max health while tripping
  • qtarget qb-target and ox-target support
  • Highly customizable
  • Movable spawn areas
  • Balanced Income
  • Low performance impact (0.00 ms at idle resmon)