Vehicle Tracking Tools | Track, Scan, Jam [ESX + QBCore + Standalone]

Vehicle Tracking Tools | Track, Scan, Jam [ESX + QBCore + Standalone] image

17.50 EUR

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The script is encrypted using FiveM Escrow

Config Pastebin

Keep an eye on your enemies with this nifty GPS tracking device! Hide the device under the wheelhub, bumper or dashboard and watch them travel with across the map with pinpoint accuracy! (as long as they don't drive in a tunnel) Paranoid you're being tracked? Use the Vehicle Tracking Device Scanner to make sure your car is tracker free. And if you have the money for it, consider getting a Vehicle Tracking Device Jammer to make it extra hard to follow you 

Main features

  • Persistent trackers and jammers after server restarts and storing vehicle in garage
  • Dynamic animations for equipping and putting away all items 
  • Visible physical objects for all items
  • 6 different tracker placement locations (+1 inside location)
  • 4 different tracker qualities (higher grade = faster tracking update time)
  • Search and remove tracking devices using screwdriver item
  • Tracking signal becomes inaccurate when under cover (realistic signal loss)
  • Custom tracker scanning device with audio response to assist tracker removal
  • Receive notification when tracked vehicle is moving (after being still for period of time)
  • Install vehicle tracking device jammer to protect against malicious trackers (mechanic job)
  • Colors of tracking blips corresponds to vehicle color
  • Tracking blip icon corresponds to vehicle model type

Video of Scanner With Sound