Real-time Image Placer [ESX + QBCore + Standalone]

Real-time Image Placer [ESX + QBCore + Standalone] image

12.50 EUR

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Place images anywhere in the world in seconds! With just a few clicks, you can select any two points on a wall and add an image of your choice - be it a server event poster or your favorite meme.  The images are instantly synced between all players, creating a dynamic and immersive experience that truly brings the game world to life.

Config Pastebin

Main Features

  • Persistent throughout restarts
  • Images are synced between players
  • Quick image creation (~2 seconds)
  • Image offset adjustment
  • Images are automatically uploaded to server (no restart needed)
  • Easy to use UI
  • Low performance impact (~0.06ms near 10 images)
  • Client option to turn off images (for performance)
  • Synced image removal
  • Images can be drawn from link or file path 
  • 50+ preconfigured billboard locations with images!