Stab City Heist | Co-op Lost MC Drug Robbery [ESX + QBCore]

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Have you ever wanted to sell drugs without doing any of the hard work? Well now you can! Rally up your crew or go lone wolf and run Lost MC drug supply dry. Every good heist has two options: stash the loot without alerting anybody or go guns blazing, the choice is yours! Just don't forget to cash out your hard work by meeting up with one of the local buyers.

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Main Features 
  • Fully synced multiplayer heist 
  • Robust random enemy and loot spawn 
  • Unique seller locations for each drug type 
  • Low performance impact (0.00ms while idle / ~0.02ms while active) 
  • QBCORE and ESX compatible 
  • qtarget, qb-target and ox-target support

Step By Step
  • Head to initial area to retrieve phone containing supply information
  • Defend against the initial wave of Lost MC members
  • Go to stab city which is full of guards
  • Guards will only be alerted if they have direct line of sight with the player
  • Approach the stab city stealthy and collect the loot by stealth killing or without killing anybody at all
  • Alternatively, go guns blazing and wipe out the whole camp
  • Loot contains 3 varieties of drugs
  • Sell each drug at their respective buyer 

  • Heist location
  • NPC models
  • NPC vehicles
  • NPC weapons
  • NPC animations