Apartment Cleaning | Job [ESX + QBCore]

Apartment Cleaning | Job [ESX + QBCore] image

15.00 EUR

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The script is partly encrypted using FiveM Escrow

Employ your players as cleaner gig workers! Trash spawns randomly every time a player enters an apartment making the player engage in the work. Apartment cleaning script includes a stealing system, allowing players to steal and sell off valuables whilst risking getting banned off the platform and getting arrested. This job features a complete experience system which gives monetary bonuses upon promotion. 


Main Features: 

- Rewarding levelling system based on work experience

- 4 unique interiors 

- Over 20 different locations 

- Configure random and specified trash spawn locations 

- Highly configurable 

- Ability to steal and sell clients' valuables 

- Varied cleaning tasks such as litter picking and floor cleaning

- Low performance impact (0.00 ms while idle)

- QBCORE and ESX compatible